GCH Tatum Just Because, WC ~ Justus Shadowbrook's Isabel! ~ Isabel

                  BISS GCH Time Square Ulysses
            CH Shadowbrook's Always On My Mind
                  Shadowbrook's Little Dreams

        GCH Tatum Just Because, WC

                  Tatum Triple-X BN, RN, WC
            Tatum The Crown Jewel, RN, WC
                  Maritime Harriet's of Fire

                  GCHB Shalimar's The Animator
            GCH Harbor Run's Art Of Animation
                  CH Harbor Run's I'll Have Another CGC

        Shadowbrook's Isabel!

                  BISS GCH Wiscoys Jack Sparrow
            Shadowbrook's There's No Place Like Home!
                  Shadowbrook's Yay Me!