We have completed our breeding cycle for 2021. Our next litter will be in Spring or Fall of 2022!!!

We do not have any puppies at this time. Our next litter will most likely be born in the Spring or Fall of 2022.
We appreciate your patience and hope to hear from you next year!

If your heart is set on a puppy now, you can try the breeders we directly recommend listed on our Shadowbrook's Links page.

You can also locate other breeders on the Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club website
or on the Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club website.

We never breed a sire and dam that will produce an affected PRA, EIC, HNPK, or Long Coat puppy.
Through DNA testing we are responsible and take special care in that we do not do affected to affected,
affected to carrier or carrier to carrier breedings. As a result, your puppy will be free of these
diseases that have been discovered in Labradors.

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