BISS/BIS  Brazilian/Mexican CH Wolf's Hunter Eli Sweet Solon ~ Solon

We are very honored and proud to have Solon visiting at Spring Dell Farm.

Many thanks to our friend, Juan Carbonell of Loretta Labradors in Mexico
for sharing Solon with us. We are extremely excited to have him as part of our Shadowbrook family.

                  BISS CH Weathertop El Nino
            CH Preton Tippo
                  CH Beechcroft's Perfect Gem

        CH Preton Zyban

                  CH Lindall A Bit Of The Action
            CH Beechcroft's Surprise At Preton
                  CH Beechcroft's Perfect Gem

                  CH Bradking Jason
            CH Elsmere Biffo
                  CH Notgrove Amber Elsmere

        CH Maya B Of Buddylan

                  CH Beechcroft's Magic Man Muddy
            CH Preton Picolla
                  CH Beechcroft's Perfect Gem